Mum Beer

Mum Beer is the very first craft beer based on chrysanthemum extract which is produced in West Flanders by Gediflora, an innovative breeding company specialising in the cultivation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums. Gediflora’s passion for chrysanthemums provided the impetus to develop a full bodied beer based on chrysanthemum petals. Gediflora is proud to present to you their Mum Beer.

The term 'Mum' is an international term and is used, amongst others things, for the typical beautifully flowering Belgian ball-shaped chrysanthemum. That's why our beer was given this name right from the start. And yes, it is the first craft beer based on a delicate extract refined from Gediflora’s chrysanthemum petals. Special plants are grown  and selected with the utmost care for this purpose.

The petals from the beautifully flowering chrysanthemums are harvested and dried. It is this dried mixture of petals which is used to produce the unique extract. This plant extract gives the Mum Beer its unique flavour.