How to


Of course it is important that you go about enjoying Mum Beer in the right way....


Choose the right setting, your mood must be just right, everything arranged to perfection.

Here are some tips!


Ensure that the temperature is right

The ideal pouring temperature is 6°C


Choose a glass with the right curves

The curvature of the Mum glass was designed with great precision in order that only this type of glass fully enhances the taste of the beer.


Pour the beer gently into the glass and present the glass with the bottle

Keep the bottle upright and avoid shaking. Tilt your glass 45 degrees. Pour you beer slowly. Present the bottle next to the glass when serving. 


The extra sediment accentuates the flavour


If you prefer a sharper, bitter taste, pour the sediment into the glass. Drink without the sediment for a softer flavour palette.


Take a seat in your most comfortable armchair


Are you still standing up? Then take a seat, put your feet up and focus on the only thing that matters now: tasting Mum Beer.


25% Aroma

Catch a hint of that intense aroma.



Sip the froth and give your taste buds a sneak of a truly unique taste.


100% Mum Beer

Take a sip and then take a minute to really experience the rich taste of Mum Beer.