The fruity speciality beer with a low alcohol content

Speciality beers have been in full swing lately. Both in pubs and at home, more and more people choose to drink a speciality beer instead of a standard lager. As a result, the choice of speciality beers has increased considerably in recent years. The Mum Beer, produced from chrysanthemum extract, provides an ideal opportunity to discover the world of speciality beers.


Although the standard lager is still the most popular drink, the demand for speciality beers has increased greatly in recent years. We can therefore safely say that drinking a speciality beer has become extremely popular. This is largely because of the new experience of tasting different flavours that comes with drinking these beers. Also, as beer lovers experience the enjoyment of drinking speciality beers more and more, it becomes their first choice when selecting a type of beer. The trend towards a more responsible life style is also in keeping with the social norm of the moderate consumption of alcohol.   


The Mum chrysanthemum beer is a fruity speciality beer with a relatively low alcohol content of 6.5%. It is a rich blond-coloured beer based on a delicate extract that is refined from chrysanthemum petals. This chrysanthemum extract gives the Mum Beer its unique taste, that is characterized by a complex and a delicately pronounced aroma. It is therefore the perfect beer for those who want to take their first steps into the world of specialty beers.

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